Caritas Health Shield, Inc.

Rewards of Work

By: Atty. Eliseo P. Dizon, Jr.

Work should receive two kinds of rewards - an individual reward and a social one. A person who works for a company, is tired at the end of the day; this is his individual sacrifice. For this, he receives his wages. But he has also, during the day, made a social contribution to the economic well-being of the company and the country.

Hard work used to be part of life, one of the pleasures and satisfaction of living. Now, the idea seems to be getting the most pay for the least amount of work. Hard labor is considered a drudgery, a punishment or, at best, a necessary evil. Merely keeping busy, merely getting paid can never satisfy man's need for creative work. Instead, he finds himself disillusioned and at the mercy of boredom and much unhappiness until he loses his job as a result.

But this need not be the case. We can get real satisfaction from our work if we pause from time to time, ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing and whether we wholeheartedly approve of its purpose. We can do this - why not? We only need to take the time to probe deeper into our hearts for the real meaning of our life and existence in this world. It is not the job that matters but how we do the job.

Let us heed the unspoken words that our work wants to impart to us- "Take good care of me and I will take care of you"... "Let us take pride in our work and put our hearts in it"... Guided by the philosophy of labor, we can never go wrong.

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